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Words from the ReunitedWords From The Reunited

Did we mention how excited we are this month about having FIFTY Reunions. How great is it that so many people found lost photographs that others shared? Help others find images of their lost relatives by uploading your photos today!

Now, check out all the reunions for this month....
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1228 Knaggs

1229 & 30 Murphy

Archive Record Found Here

William Knaggs was my grt. grt. grandfather. I have this picture but was surprised to see it. If the submitter to this is related to the Knaggs family I would love to hear from you. Linda Telinde postier.

Archive Record Found Here

These were great photos! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing them. I am Jennifer, and Joseph & Christina would be my great grandparents! I guess this photo was taken before my grandmother Verna was born-Williams sister. And since you have Mabel Murphy (Kelsey) you must have known my grandfather Faye. He died when when I was three or four and granny (Verna) passed away just a couple of years ago. I just know you'll be one of the family I recognize from either CA or WA. I am Lynn's only daughter (Verna's youngest child.) Anyways, I loved these pics! Thank you very much for posting them! Jenny

1231 Oleca

1222 McDaniel

Archive Record Found Here

Emma Oleca was the wife of my great-great uncle.

Archive Record Found Here

I am a descendent of John Monroe McDaniel would love to hear from you.

1233 Byers

1234 Woolsey

Archive Record Found Here

Amanda Byers is my 3rd cousin, 1 times removed. Do you have a gedcom to share?

Archive Record Found Here

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me Lizzie Harrison Woolsey's parent's name? I am her great great great Granddaughter and am doing a school project at my college. Thank you in advance!

1235 Ramey

1236 LaValley

Archive Record Found Here

I saw your photo of Wayne Ramey on deadfred.com. I am gathering information for a new history on the Ramey family, and I have some of Wayne's lineage. If you wish to exchange Ramey data, please contact

Archive Record Found Here

In the 1942 Hennesy reunion picture posted at Dead Fred, which persons are Jettie and Nola? Do you have other information about them or Nola's brothers and sisters? I have Nola's LeValley ancestry going way back.

1237 Chute+

1238 Mann

Archive Record Found Here

Margaret Elizabeth Bridgewater Bufill Chute is my great great great grandmother. She is the mother of my great great grandfather William Jeremiah Bunfill and step-mother / mother in law of my great great grandmother Helen Olivia Chute Bunfill Katherine Haggerty Naomi Ann Stambaugh Taylor Roush Irva Loretta Lisenbee Stambaugh Laura Naomi "Rosa" Bunfill Lisenbee Helen Olivia Chute Bunfill - Willian Jeremiah Bunfill Margaret Elizabeth Bridgewater Bunfill Chute etc. etc. My grandmother (Irva) brought a box of pictures and an album to me at Thanksgiving this past year 2007 and I have scanned and attached some to my family tree on Ancestry.com. I am not sure if this picture is in the box. Feel free to contact me.

Archive Record Found Here

This photo appears to be a Great Great Great Great Aunty of mine. I have her listed in my family tree. Please contact on the email address supplied. mvy_1@hotmail.com

1239 McKinney

1240 Vaughan

Archive Record Found Here

Just wanted to know who put my greatgrandfathers photo online. Thanks

Archive Record Found Here

How can I get a copy of your photograph? Arky Vaughan is my fathers cousin and I would like to add a copy of that photo to my collection. My last name should also be spelled as Vaughan, but my fathers father dropped the 'a' for some reason, no one ever knew why. One of my prized possessions is a Pittsburgh Pirate team autographed baseball with Arky's signature on it.

1241 Weber

1242&43 McBride

Archive Record Found Here

Mary (Molloy) Weber is a granddaughter of my Great Grandfather's sister, Eleanor (Young) Molloy. If you have any information on the Molloy family, would love to share information with you.

Kathryn (Young) Turley
2004 Downing St
Garden City, KS 67846-3409

Archive Record Found Here

Hello....I saw this picture of distant family members and was wondering if I could get a copy. Ann is daughter of Samuel James Brown and Tennessee Neal. Hopefully you are a relation as well. Thanks for posting picture.

Linda Lee

1244 Dunlap

1245 Cahill

Archive Record Found Here

Thanks for posting this. Verna May Dunlap is the sister of my G-Grandmother, Estelle Dunlap. They were two of several children of George T. and Anna Turner Dunlap. Verna married Stephen Haywood Gaddy in 1912. I really enjoyed seeing this picture. If you are doing genealogy on this family, I would be happy to share information. I also have several photos from Norwood that I cannot identify.

Archive Record Found Here

I am very much interested in the Cahill photos that you have posted on "Dead Fred". They are descendants of my great-great-grandfather's brother. Please let me know how I may acquire these photos. Thanks!

1246 Blondin

1247 Matthews

Archive Record Found Here


This is my aunt Lois Milligan Blondin. It may her high school grad. photo. Would really appreciate the return of this photo since I'm the keeper of the old family photos.

Thanks for your posting.
Pam Vaughan

Archive Record Found Here

I have Jonathan Phelps Matthews, born 7/24/1835 or 36, Jamestown, Busti County, New York. Died 8/1914. Married Mary Stuart Wimple 8/18/1855 in Busti, New York. He is listed as my Great Grandfather. I have listings of the Shaeffer family. Would be happy to share, and would like the picture of Jonathan, or a copy.

1248 Christie

1249 Roberts

Archive Record Found Here

Josiah Albert Christie was my great-great grandfather

Archive Record Found Here

John Henry Roberts was my gg grandfather.Do you have any other pictures of anyone in his family? I saw Kyle Caine Roberts, who must have been a grandson. Also there was another picture from Valley Grove, TX (Dodson). Is she connected to the Roberts family?

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1250 Holden

1251 Tubbs

Archive Record Found Here

He is also my great grandfather, I have a lot on information, please call 704-439-1264.
Bill Holden

Archive Record Found Here

I am related to this family. There were 11 siblings in all. Mary Ann Tubbs appears in this picture on my web site. I am descended from brother (James) Henry; unfortunately I don't have a picture of him.

1252 Gilson

1253 Underwood

Archive Record Found Here

Would be interested in a copy of this picture of my great great great grandfather David Gilson and his wife Mary Margaret Boon Gilson

Archive Record Found Here

I am descended from Mary Elizabeth (Ledbetter) Underwood and husband Jesse through their daughter Ruth Emily (Underwood) Stone. My greatgrandmother is Minnie Alta (Stone) Hale. I have a copy of this photograph and one hangs on my parents diningroom wall.

1254 McGuffey

1255 Towne

Archive Record Found Here

I saw the picture you posted of Irene McGuffey, she and fFred are or were, my grandparents. Their youngest son Daniel Lee was my father. please contact me, would like to learn more from you if possible.

Archive Record Found Here

Hi, My name is Sue and this family is one of my father's relatives. My dad and Grandparents grew up in Hillsdale, Mi. His name is Harmon Lowell Towne and is the son of Lowell and Helen Towne. My I ask where you got this and the other photo of Effie and and her father and Effie's daughter? Thanks and do you have any other family photo's?

1256 Doddridge

1257 Perrine

Archive Record Found Here

Mary Doddridge was my 5th great grandmother. She married Capt Samuel Teter. Thanks for posting the picture. I am not sure which John & James and how exactly Ms. Doddridge is related, but will make the connect one of these days. Strange, but my husband's paternal side were the Browns, and found them in the Decatur Co. IA area at the same time. Who knows, perhaps I will discover that thre are family ties with your posting.

Archive Record Found Here

Doing family history research on Perrine family. Charles Hiram Perrine was my grandfather. Looking for any information. Thanks.

1258 Dolton

1259 Hinman

Archive Record Found Here

Could you please contact me? I'm related to Frank.

Archive Record Found Here

Eber Hinman was my great-great-great grandfather also. I am a descendent of his daughter Mary Ann. I would love to have a copy of the original photo. is that possible?

1260 Shearer

1261 Ozbun

Archive Record Found Here

Is Branson E Shearer a relative of yours? He is a first cousin 3 gen removed of mine. I have that he married Emma Dague and they had two children. Is this correct?

Archive Record Found Here

I would very much like to have a copy of this picture of my 2nd great-granduncle. Also I would like to exchange information regarding this family. How do I get this picture?

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1262 Dowsey

1263 Beck

Archive Record Found Here

I would like to introduce myself to you, I am the greatgrandaughter of James L Dowsey of 44 George Street Manhasset, NY. I know that George was his brother. My father is James L Dowsey, III. I am interested very much in following through with my greatgrandfather geneolgy hobby as I am in possession of his original works. My father and I are in the processes of also filing a FOIL to ascertain the absolute facts of the death of Fred Dowsey, another brother which my greatgrandfather was never able to access through what he perceived as a cover up. Great picture of George, how are you related to him?

Archive Record Found Here

This pic is a photo of my grandmother Mamie Beck's sister. I am really interested in my family history. Do you have a full size photo that show everyone in the pic? I'm interested in any info you could possibly help me with.

Thank You and God Bless

1264 Knight

1265 Porter

Archive Record Found Here

Ruth was my Gr. Grandmother, I last saw her in 1959, while my husband, I and my son were visiting, grandma Lillie. I sure would like to get in touch with any Kin. Love Lucy

Archive Record Found Here

Clark is a g,g,g-grandfather. I would like more info on his photos and Benjamin's if you have it. Would love a copy as well. Interested in how you found them!

1266 Shuck

1267 & 68
Enyeart and Ford

Archive Record Found Here

I am a very great grand daughter of Martha. I'm not sure of her native background. Though, we've always heard stories of Philinia Bell Simmons (relative) Cherokee bloodline.

Archive Record Found Here

Hi, I just came across this photo of Thomas Jefferson Enyeart & Josephine Victoria Ford. They're my great-grand-parents. May I use this photo? Do you have a higher resolution version? Thanks, Jim Shibley Phoenix, AZ

1269 Harclerode

1270 Leachman

Archive Record Found Here

Greetings! I found your Harclerode photos on Dead Fred. I'm a great-granddaughter of Susan Nora Harclerode, David Harclerode's sister and would love to get in touch with you. I have a few photos of the Harclerodes and would be happy to share. I'm also interested in more information on your part of the family. Hope to hear from you, Lois

Archive Record Found Here

Belle Leachman is only a 5 cousin once removed, but if no one else is interested, I would add her picture to my Family Tree Maker files. I wouldn't want to pay much more than postage, but I would be happy to pay that. Thank you, David Leachman

1271 Wrigglesworth

1272 Richardson

Archive Record Found Here

I am interested in hearing from the person who submitted the picture of John Wrigglesworth of Cohoctah Twp. He is a member of my husband's family whose family tree I have been working on. Thanks you, Eva B.

Archive Record Found Here

Hello, this picture is my great, great grandfather. His son T.A. was my great grandfather and my grandmother was Nina Marie, born in Texas and moved to AZ. I would love more info. How do you come to have this picture?? Are you a family member? We are having a Richardson family reunion in Yuma, AZ in April. Thank you so much.

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1273 McMeen

1274 Henely

Archive Record Found Here

This picture is part of my husband's McMeen lines in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., Ill. How can I obtain this picture or at least a copy? Thank you! Patricia

Archive Record Found Here

In the photo titled Henely, Superintendent; Grinell, Iowa. That is my husband's uncle. His name is Charles Eugene Henely, born Feb. 15, 1985, died 1971. He was Superintendent of Schools for Grinnell, Iowa. He only had one son, Eugene who died the year after he did in 1972. Hope this helps.

I just located your site from Rootsweb newsletter from Dick who recommended it. Aloha from Hawaii.

Joann Housh Henely

1275 Maynard

12376 Young

Archive Record Found Here

I found your pictures of George and Myrtle Maynard on the deadfred website today. George would be a second cousin once removed to me and I have quite a bit of Maynard information in my records. Are you interested in exchanging information on Maynard ancestry?

Linda Lee Edelstein
Carol Cooper Lee
Ethel Bliss Cooper
Phoebe Maynard Bliss, sibling of Myron Miller Maynard, William's grandfather.

Archive Record Found Here

To who sent this info on Alice Young, Alice Young was the daughter of John Young and Clarissa Parker. Clarissa was a sister of my GGgrandfather, Robert Parker. I have been doing genealogical research on John Young and his family, and would like to share whatever information on the family you may have. Please email me at blyr@sbcglobal.net.

Thanks. Robert Bly

12377 Layne

1278 Lynch

Archive Record Found Here

I am a 2nd gg dau of Joel Hills Johnson and Anna P. Johnson and also Anthony Johnson Stratton and Martha Jane Layne. I am currently compiling a book for my children containing life sketches and pictures where available of ancestors and am happy to get pictures of A.J. Stratton and M.J. Layne Stratton, which I do not have. Thank you. Do you have histories on either of them? Would love to hear from you. We are surely related. A cousin Ivy

Archive Record Found Here

I am the grandson of robert Francis Lynch of wenonah, nj. I was very pleased to come across his picture online

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