10-10-2009: Joseph Smith
This is a guess. Check http://www.elmwoodcem-kc.org/Buried_at/WHOISWHO/who-CD.htm possibly Sarah (Chandler) Coates spouse of Kersey Coates 1823-1887 of Kansas City MO. Pictures on leftside.

10-10-2009: Joseph Smith
A similar photo was found at http://www.elmwoodcem-kc.org/Buried_at/WHOISWHO/who-CD.htm; possibly Sarah (Chandler) of spouse Kersey Coates. Elmwood Cem., KCMO

09-20-2009: Joseph Smith
I've tried various brightness,contrast,sharpness, etc. on this photo. It appears also pencil writing rubbed off. Top center look a two-line signature guess Josephine G?. Bottom photo looks white one-line signature at least G? on second part. Compare this with 67256 Leroy Gallagher in your collection. There is more barely visible. Her hairstyle is similar to Irish woman. There appears to be Indian face in right center when studied under various brightnesses. I would guess a negative was laying on top of this photo at sometime. Image overlay doesn't match. Typically this looks like a reshot damaged photo.

09-16-2009: Joseph Smith
Top left word starts with D, top right word starts with Cemetery. Appears a water-stained with ruboff writing. Another photo was atop it. I have a Thomson photo stained like this from 1950 at Boydston storage, Kansas City MO. My photo is 1890-1915. Guess names Cunningham,Cox,McGinley,McNellis,O'Donnell.