05-31-2009: Sharon
Dr. Frank Tryon Meriwether Anderson News (Lawrenceburg, KY) June 19, 1913, p. 1 Dr. Frank Tryon Meriwether, a noted surgeon of the South, and brother of Mr. D. Len Meriwether, formerly of this place, but now of Asheville (North Carolina), died at 7:20 o'clock Thursday morning in his private hospital at Asheville, N.C., following an operation for appendicitis which he underwent last Saturday. He had rallied from the shock of the operation and improved steadily until Tuesday night, when a turn came for the worse and he sank steadily until the end. Dr. Meriwether was a native of Louisville, having been born there in 1865. He was a son of the late William A. and Julia D. Meriwether. He attended the local schools and was graduated from the medical department of the University of Louisville. As a surgeon, he achieved his first success in the United States Army, but was forced to leave after eight years' service on account of ill health. Upon his recovery he made his home in Asheville, where he had resided for eighteen years. There he had a large private hospital and was noted throughout that section of the country especially for his success in treating appendicitis. He was survived by his widow and three children.; one daughter, Miss Margaret Meriwether, and two sons, Benjamin M. and William Meriwether. Three sisters, Mrs. Samuel Dorr, Mrs. Charles C. Mengel, and Miss Lillie Tryon all of Louisville, also survive him. The death of Dr. Meriwether follows within twenty-four hours after that of Samuel Dorr of Louisville, his brother-in-law.