01-02-2009: Joyce White
Laura Pearl's maiden name was Hunter. I am not sure but what some off those people are her brothers and possibly her mother as her mother lived with them up until her death. E. J. Tipton was the son of James Jackson Tipton and Venie Bell Lambert Tipton both off which are buried in the cemetery in Sabinal, Texas. E. J. and Laura had a son that was not well and only lived a short time. He is also buried in Shawnee, Oklahoma I believe at Resthaven Cemetery. E. J. went into service during World War II and Laura Pearl ran the Jewlery Store. E. J. and my mother were brother and sister. There were 11 children in the Tipton family. 8 boys and 3 girls.

01-01-2009: Joyce White
E. J. Tipton was my Uncle. His wife Laura Pearl is with him. They lived in Shawanee, Oklahoma and owned a jewlery store along with numerous rental properties. I would appreciateany additional information or photos with them. They went to California, retired and later returned to Shawnee in the 70's where they lived until their death.