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Here are the people who have helped make Dead Fred what it is today. From Joe's passion for old photos, to Eric and Amanda's technical and creative imaginations, to Claire and Jeannette's words and research. Not so much founders or owners, but rather known as the Archivists at DeadFred.com.

Joe Bott

Raised in Southern New Jersey, Joe Bott is married to Laurie Bott and has four children named Nathan, Jeremy, Matthew and Andrew. He is our resident Renaissance man. A husband, father, grandfather and Manager of Research and Development at Tyson Foods, Inc., he is also the avid photograph collector and mastermind behind DeadFred.com. After accumulating thousands of old photos over the past 30 years, Joe decided to transform his hobby into a full-time activity for his retirement. Now DeadFred.com is a popular public resource for people like you to explore the past through pictures.





Eric Huber and Amanda Huber

Eric and Amanda Huber, brother and sister, became curious about genealogy years before DeadFred.com came into virtual reality. Their father was very passionate about heraldry and the tracing of their own family lineage back to Germany. Also co-owners of creative agency Vulcan Creative Labs, they are both delighted to collaborate with Joe in the venture to design and promote Dead Fred’s Original Genealogy Photo Archive.

A member of the graphic design community for over sixteen years, Eric manages the layout of DeadFred.com, keeping the site properly organized, easily navigable and pleasing to the eye. Our authority on integrated web databases, Amanda develops the countless codes that govern DeadFred.com. She ensures accurate and convenient searches for our visitors every time.


Claire Bott

Claire Bott, Joe’s daughter-in-law, maintains the phenomenal traffic flow of DeadFred.com. She conducts essential research for site content development, reviews and edits records and responds to e-mail correspondence.





Jeannette Balleza

Copywriter Jeannette Balleza writes and edits promotional materials for DeadFred.com and related projects. With public relations as her primary focus, she assists in marketing and advertising efforts to both attract support and generate awareness for the site.

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