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Spring Cleaning Photo (478K)


(Springdale, AR April 2005) It's the time of year for families everywhere to engage in spring cleaning, and DeadFred Genealogy Photo Archive ( offers a great solution for all those people who stumble across boxes of old photographs in their closets, garages and attics.

While parents and children will be donating clothing and other household items to local charities such as Salvation Army and Goodwill, the Archivists at DeadFred Genealogy Photo Archive challenge family members to post their stowed-away old family photographs, whether identified or not, at one of genealogists' favorite destinations,

Honored by Family Tree Magazine as one of the 101 Best Genealogy Web Sites for three years running, exists to connect orphaned photos with their rightful families for free. Out of this sole mission has grown a thriving online community revolving around a searchable database that contains upwards of 49,000 identified and mystery photo records for genealogy enthusiasts.

With over 505 photo reunions and 11,856 surnames as of early April, gives visitors free access to multiple ways to connect with family members and old photographs, including unlimited database searches by various and combined criteria, discussion groups, school annuals, the ability to upload and manage their own photo records and a popular monthly e-newsletter.

Anyone who finds a photograph of a direct ancestor will receive the original photograph for free (provided the original is owned by the Archive). accepts ancestral photographs that are older than 1960 of subjects since deceased. One can submit photos directly online at or send photos as donations to the following address:

Dead Fred
P.O. Box 6937
Springdale, AR 72766-6937

Photo donations sent by mail will not be returned and become property of the Archive. Photos submitted online do not become property of the Archive, and the Archive respects the privacy of the submitter. Happy spring cleaning!

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